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Sun Protection 101

The best way to get that attractive glow to your skin is through eating colorful, nutritious foods and not from damaging UV light. The pigments in colorful produce transfer to skin to give it a healthy, radiant appearance. How exactly should you apply sunscreen and what should you look for in a sunscreen – it can get quite overwhelming All Sunscreens are Not Created Equal: Let’s first take a look at the two most common types of ultraviolet (UV) rays – UVA and UVB. While both rays can harm the skin and lead to skin cancers, UVB rays are the “burning” rays effectively blocked by glass. UVA rays are deeper-penetrating, “aging” rays that can pass through glass and lead to collagen damage, wr

Probiotics and Skin Health

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is a representation overall health and wellbeing. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to health, especially the digestive system. Bacteria is often thought of as something that causes disease, but more and more is being discovered daily on the benefits of healthy bacteria in the body in all organs, including the skin. A healthy balance of gut bacteria elevates the human immune system. Having a strong immune system benefits all organs of the body, including the skin. Everyday, new benefits of probiotics are being discovered in their role in skin heath, such as in improving the skin barrier in atopic dermatitis, promoting t

Salicylic acid for skin care

As the largest organ in the body, the skin is often under threat from all directions. The skin’s role is to form a protective barrier to the outside world to protect from environmental toxins and prevent infection. The skin barrier also holds in moisture, preventing dehydration. Let’s touch on the beneficial effects of salicylic acid for the skin. What is Salicylic acid? With the name originating from a Latin word referring to willow trees, many know a derivative of salicylic acid as being the main ingredient/content in aspirin. It helps in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and facilitating blood circulation. Because of these qualities, it adds value to the skin by breaking down oily

Dr. Haley Acne Treatment Recommendations:

Wash your face with the HaleyMD cleanser in the morning and evening using lukewarm water. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin for 2 min with your fingers or a Clarisonic brush. Do not use rough cloths, or scrubbers as this will inflame your skin and may lead to scarring. USING TOPICAL Retinol 1. Use the medication every other night for the first two weeks. If after two weeks there is no redness or irritation, increase slowly to every night. 2. Apply a “pea/pearl-sized” amount of medication to your index finger. 3. Gently rub a quarter of the medication into each quadrant of your face. 4. The medication should disappear into your skin quickly. If it doesn’t, you are using too much. L

Healthy Skin is a Choice

Aging is a process that involves both intrinsic and extrinsic influences. Intrinsic aging is determined by genetic makeup. This is not really controllable, which is why we age similarly to our parents, to some degree. Extrinsic aging, which accounts for nearly 90% of aging, is determined by environmental factors that you can control. It is so empowering to know that you have 90% control over how your skin looks and ages just by making the right lifestyle choices. We know that when someone’s skin is healthy, their confidence and personal interactions are improved. This resulting confidence plays an important role in achieving success in so many areas of life. Now, anything you put in you

Listen to Dr. Haley during her interview on KPCW in Park City

Dr. Haley shares her expert tips with Lynn Ware Peek and Dave Cushing on KPCW radio in Park City, Utah. Listen to the informative interview by clicking on the picture. #skin #skincare #sunprotection #uv #parkcity #dermatologist #skintips #dryskin #sundamage #brownspots #acne #kpcw #parkcityradio

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