Skin Care Trends Part 2: What to Try and What to Pass By

I've been a Dermatologist for over 15 years and have seen so many trends come and go. Usually, the more hype around something, the quicker it comes and goes, often leaving skin bruised and scarred in the process. We still crave new things always looking for something revolutionary that really works. In part 2, I will discuss a few of the trends and if they are worth trying. Click on the picture for the full article in FitnessRx for Women! #beauty #trends #skincare #body #tattoo #freckles #bodylotion #skinsupplements #FitnessRx

Skin Care Trends 2018 – What really works, Part 1

There is so much hype out there and so many trends that come and go. I have seen some ridiculous things over the last 20 years as a doctor, many of which I have been excited about, regrettably. While I certainly believe in keeping an open mind to evolving and progressive skin care strategies, over-exaggerated hype often takes center stage. So, in this forum, I am going to honestly discuss some of the trends, how they work, and if they are worth trying. Trend #1: Suction Lip Plumpers Having voluptuous, full lips is a symbol of youth and beauty. It is true that lips become smaller as we age so the desire to have fuller lips is understandable. There are multiple brands of suction lip plumpe

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