Bug Bites

It is time to get outdoors! Dr. Haley talks to Reader's Digest about bug bites in the article linked to the picture. Click to read more. #ReadersDigest #BugBites #mosquitobites

Under Eye Bumps

Dr. Haley discusses some causes and treatments of under eye bumps in this Your Tango article. Click directly to the link in the picture.

Treatment for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Eyes are often the very first area to show aging. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest in the body and constantly moving from blinking, smiling, squinting, and many other necessary activities. Your genetics, sun damage, smoking, lifestyle, and repetitive facial expressions will determine how quickly your eyes age. Blood vessels, pigmentation, thinness of the skin, and fluid accumulation can all contribute to dark under eye circles. In this article, Dr. Haley will explain some of the causes of discoloration under the eyes and how to address them. Click the picture to be linked directly to FitnessRx for Women online. #wrinkles #darkcircles #eyebags #eyecircles #treatmentforeyes #ey

Beating blackheads

Blackheads can be stubborn and frustrating. The most important thing when treating and preventing new blackheads is being consistent and deliberate in your routine, while also being kind and patient with your skin. Click on the link to go to Dr. Haley's article in FitnessRx. #blackheads #exfoliation #salicylicacid #Clarisonic #comedone #retinol #FitnessRx

Bellafill, Fillers, and Botox

Dr. Haley discusses Bellafill, Fillers, and Botox with Zwivel. Click the picture below to directly link and read the article. #Zwivel #Bellafill #Juvederm #Restylane #Fillers #Botox #cosmetictreatment #acnescar

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