High Altitude Skin Care

I love the mountains. For me, there is no greater feeling than climbing up a mountain, breathing hard, sweating out toxins, and then absorbing the view at the top as a reward. This is perfection for me - just being in nature through all the seasons. While I live in Scottsdale, Arizona most of the year, I escape to Park City whenever I can, especially as the Aspens change in Autumn. Working in Colorado and Utah has made me have some serious respect for altitude and how it can affect skin. I notice more deep creases and weathered skin in the mountain environment than I ever did working in sunny Hawaii or Southern California. I think this is a combination of increased radiation exposure, l

Healthy Summer Skin Tips

Read my latest article in FitnessRx for Women magazine discussing how to keep your skin radiant and glowing all summer long. Click on the picture to link directly to the article. #healthyskin #spf #sunprotection

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