Listen to Dr. Haley on KPCW discussing Winter Skin Care Tips!

As the weather changes, so do the needs of your skin. Click the picture below to listen to Dr. Haley discuss her expert tips on how to best take care of your skin during the upcoming months. #winterskin #dryskin #parkcity #kpcw #dermatologist #dermatitis #skinsupplements

Let's discuss the benefits of water

No magic pill. No complex recipe. Simply water. An essential resource that we often take for granted and shouldn't because water plays so many vital roles in keeping our skin, brain, and body healthy and functioning optimally. Click the picture to read the article where I discuss water's benefits. You will also read some great information from 23 other world health experts. Enjoy and drink up! #water #healthyskin #benefitsofwater #beautifulskin #reverseosmosis

Beauty Sleep

Click the picture to read about why beauty sleep is a real thing. Specifically, Dr. Haley discusses what happens to your skin when you sleep, the best sleeping position, and how to prepare your skin for optimal rejuvenation and renewal during sleep. Your body has the tools it needs to replenish and repair, but you need to help support it to do it's thing. #beautysleep #skintips #healthyskin #beautysleeptips #facewashing

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